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Debra Jayne East πŸš€ 311

πŸ‘― August 22, 2016

Debra Jayne East and a friend at a convention.

Debra Jayne East and a friend at a convention.

Tonight we’ll be talking and getting to know our fellow PSN broadcaster, Debra Jayne East. Debra is the author of Radiance, a novel that’s an NDE love story. It has its basis in reality!

The cover of Radiance.

Here is Debra’s bio: β€œDebra Jayne East grew up in a rural town in Virginia and from an early age she had an interest in writing, astronomy and science. In 1968, close to midnight, her family went outside to see what their German Shepard dog was barking at. Looming over the hill, a lens-shaped object the size of a tractor trailer with a rotating band of blue, white, and red lights hovered silently in the moonlight. That was the first UFO sighting she experienced at twelve years of age.

β€œThat was only the beginning of the family’s sightings with the most significant one happening in 1987 after a large UFO flap in Wytheville, Virginia. After hundreds of sightings by military, the sheriff’s department, and many locals including radio newscaster Danny Gordon, her parents woke up to find a strange triangle-shaped landing marks in their back field.

β€œAfter her career and raising a family, Ms. East returned to her first love and began writing paranormal books and also researching the UFO phenomenon. This led to her hosting her own radio show six years ago and she is still giving people a voice to tell their stories today. β€˜It’s my legacy,’ she smiles. β€˜I like to believe we are all a piece of the puzzle. I not only interview people like Bruce Maccabee, James Bartley, and Peter Robbins, who are experts in their own fields but the everyday person, researcher, or abductee with unique stories to share.’ ”

Check out her Facebookpages and blog.

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