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πŸ‘― June 27, 2016

Incredible art by Richard Smith.

Incredible art by Richard Smith.

Tonight we are thrilled to welcome Richard Smith back to the show – here is Richard’s earlier appearance on the show. We will be talking about his book The Moor, The Mason and the Alien.

The cover of The Moor, The Mason, and the Alien.

The result of twenty years of paranormal experience, psychological analysis, and metaphysical study of earth’s solar system and cosmology, The Moor, The Mason and the Alien provides a unique, unvarnished, and revolutionary perspective on humanity’s origins that is introspective, ethereal, apocalyptic, and otherworldly all at the same time.

Richard is an experiencer, author, international speaker, and radio host on the topic of UFOs, the Moorish Legacy, and related matters.

He was born in Tampa, Florida, in 1970. He grew up in Farmingdale, New York, playing baseball, soccer and the piano while studying art, math, science fiction and the cosmos. He earned an Associate’s degree in Advertising Art and Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Communication at New York State University.

He also received the Certificate of Achievement Award, honored for Outstanding Achievement, at New York State University for his dedicated work with Extraterrestrial Intervention and Alien Abduction Phenomena. He is an alumnus of both Farmingdale and Old Westbury colleges. Since publishing his experiences on the subject of alien contact in 1999, Richard has traveled throughout the U.S. speaking to audiences. πŸš€

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