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Peter Davenport 🚀 295

👯 April 25, 2016

Peter Davenport in a Russian hat.

Tonight we finally get to talk in person with Peter Davenport, the legendary keeper of the most massive collection of UFO sightings info in the world. Peter has been the director of the National UFO Reporting Cener, maintaining his 24-hour hotline for many, many years … and even now, in spite of amateur attempts to disrupt his work.

Peter’s photo, above, is from Jenn Ireland for an article for the Seattle Weekly News. Photo below is by Ingrid Barrentine, Associated Press.

A photo of Peter Davenport in front of some pipes in the missle silo.

Peter is also justly famous for actually owning an abandoned missle bunker near Spokane, Washington. The Atlas Missile Site No. 6 is made of over three million tons of concrete and can withstand a nuclear blast from a mile away. In a true War of the Worlds irony, we’ll talk about the storage for the critical UFO files.

A photo of a radar tower on top of an ordinary vehicle.

According to Peter, “We ufologists now have access to technology that will allow us to detect the presence of UFOs without having to rely on any government for confirmation! … I have approached four billionaires for funding who could fund the project out of their coffee fund, and over the 21 years since I first proposed the project, I’ve received not a penny’s worth of financial support!!! Is anyone out there listening and paying attention??!”

Please download and read this paper so you can learn more about the technology of multistatic passive radar. In addition, Peter has worked as a Russian translator for the Army and as a commercial fisherman, as well as heading a biotech firm. For tonight’s show, we’re going to be discussing a few specific cases that Peter has provided. 🚀

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