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Michael Vandeven πŸš€ 251

πŸ‘― June 1, 2015

Michael Vandeven and his wife.

Tonight we will learn a whole lot more about the forum called Bellgab that I keep mentioning on the show. Our guest tonight is Michael Vandeven, the creator and mastermind, and we will uncover all of the secret behind-the-scenes info on the comings and goings of Art Bell and his new radio project called Midnight in the Desert.

Michael is also co-host of The Spec Sheet, a technology podcast available at UFOShip.com and replayed weekly on the Dark Matter Digital Network.

Michael can also be heard occasionally on BellGab’s official podcast known as The GabCast. According to the host himself, he’s an AM radio nerd who spent seven years of his life working in terrestrial radio. Michael’s a Scorpio, prefers Seinfeld over Friends, loves karaoke, and is currently known to be free of communicable diseases.

And here, thanks to Michael, is his adorable little daughter singing a tune.

I am also going to debut my brand-new jingle for Bella-Haven, my first-ever effort at making an audio something out of nothing.

Check it out:

An old-timey cartoon of a lady and some groceries.

This is a big first step. More to follow. πŸš€

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