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Richard Grossinger, Richard Lertzman 🚀 260

August 3, 2015

Photo of Richard Grossinger.

Richard Grossinger is tonight’s guest, and we will be joined in this interview by our friend Richard Lertzman. As publisher of the venerable Nort hAtlantic press, Richard Grossinger is every bit as interesting as his various books on esoteric subjects.

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Timothy Beckley 🚀 259

July 27, 2015

Photo of Timothy Beckley on the set of UFO Hunters with Bill Birnes..

Tonight we will talk about the good old history of UFO publishing, with all its wrinkles and foibles exposed for all to see. Our guest is veteran of the UFO publishing wars, Timothy Greene Beckley.

Tim has included a link for additional listening:


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Joel Martin, Steve Warner 🚀 258

July 20, 2015

A front page from TalkStream Live showing Art Bell leading the pack.

Tonight’s show was one of our best, and it certainly had the biggest, ever. We were honored to be the very first lead-in show to the new era of modern radio broadcasting with the return of Art Bell to all the waves near you. Our guests Steve Warner and Joel Martin helped us celebrate.

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Open Lines 🚀 257

July 13, 2015


Tonight’s show is an update, a report, and a rundown on all the fun we are having as we prepare for the return of the king of radio and the potentate of the Dark Matter Radio Network, Art Bell.

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Aldous Burbank 🚀 256

July 6, 2015

A self-portrait of Aldous Burbank.

Strap in and tie down loose objects because tonight’s show is going to be a fun and exciting ride. Tonight we meed Aldous Burbank, a new friend I met on the Bellgab Forum. I really like the way he wrote up a short bio, so I’m including it in full after the break.

In other news, we have launched 🌸Bella-Haven🌸! Two nice shows are already there for your audio enjoyment.

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Mark Anthony 🚀 255

June 28, 2015

Photo of Mark Anthony, psychic lawyer.

We’ve waited a long time to interview Mark Anthony, whose personal subtitle is “psychic lawyer.” Mark is an Oxford-educated attorney and mediator, as well as an author. You can almost hear my first question. Why?

We will also be talking a little bit more about 🌸Bella-Haven🌸, so tune in.

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Candace Talmadge 🚀 254

June 22, 2015

Cover of the book The Afterlife Healing Circle.

Join us tonight as we welcome author Candace L. Talmadge and perhaps co-author Jana L. Simons to talk about their new book The Afterlife Healing Circle: How Anyone Can Contact the Other Side. The foreword is by Rayond Moody, and pretty much everyone who has heard of the topic of near-death experience (NDE) will recognize his name.

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Soroya Biela 🚀 253

June 15, 2015

A kitten on top of some radio equipment.

Tonight we’re going to talk about the female voice on the radio with Soroya, aka ponyboysunset in Bellgab-ese. a lady who has her own podcast of cool music called Velvet Heaven. She also contributes a fun segment to the Rollye James show, a new favorite of mine.

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Olav Phillips 🚀 252

June 8, 2015

Olav Phillips and Steamshovel Press.

Tonight we will be speaking to our old pal Olav Phillips, about his brand new venture with the venerable Steamshovel Press, one of the world’s most celebrated paranormal publications, created by Kenn Thomas. The motto for Steamshovel is: “All conspiracy. No theory.”

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Michael Vandeven 🚀 251

June 1, 2015

Michael Vandeven and his wife.

Tonight we will learn a whole lot more about the forum called Bellgab that I keep mentioning on the show. Our guest tonight is Michael Vandeven, the creator and mastermind, and we will uncover all of the secret behind-the-scenes info on the comings and goings of Art Bell and his new radio project called Midnight in the Desert.

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