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Terry Albright, Peter Guttilla, Tom Muzila πŸš€ 245

April 20, 2015

Bob Hope and the Albright twins.

Tonight’s show is shaping up to be one of the great ones, and not just because it’s 4/20, a future great holiday to rival Festivus. Tune in to hear three very interesting guys – Terry Albright, Peter Guttilla, and Tom Muzila – talk about the most interesting topics you’ll ever hear. Plus, their combined backgrounds includes movies, TV, and of course, the CIA. Tune in!

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Lasha Seniuk πŸš€ 244

April 13, 2015

The classic woodcut showing a man looking out at the cosmos.

Tonight’s show with Lasha Seniuk should help you set your clocks correctly, position yourself accurately in the cosmos, and expand your mind ever so much. That’s my hope and those are my dreams as we look forward to chatting with Lasha live and in person. She is amazing.

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Martin Willis πŸš€ 243

April 6, 2015

A photo from Martin Willis's Podcast UFO.

Hi and welcome to the next bit of time! It’s spring; it’s Easter and Passover and so much more! The snowdrops have finally poked through the last of the snow and there’s hope for the daffodils. Tonight we will be hosting a partner host from the Dark Matter Radio Network, Martin Willis, host of Podcast UFO.

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Rey Hernandez πŸš€ 242

March 30, 2015

Photo of Rey Hernandez.

Tonight we welcome Rey Hernandez, an experiencer of extraterrestrial contact and also an estate tax attorney with the IRS. Previously, he was involved with environmental and urban planning for the City of New York. Rey is one of the founders of FREE, the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters.

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John Alexander πŸš€ 241

March 23, 2015

A photo of John Alexander, Steven Segal, and Phil Corso.

Tonight we welcome John Alexander to the show! Make sure to check out his website if you would like to try to keep up with his adventures.

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Charles Ostman πŸš€ 240

March 16, 2015

An image from an early Ostman film on the blending of bio and tech.

We are back from vacation and it’s hard to get the engines started. However, we have Charles Ostman on tonight, and he will definitely clear away all the cobwebs. And heat up all the remaining snow! Join us at 10 PM EST, which is savings-time, not standard-time.

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John Ilias πŸš€ 239

March 2, 2015

Drawing of a man holding a puppet.

Tonight we will be speaking with Dr. J, host of Researcher On a Mission (ROAM), John Ilias, about last weeks incredible knock-down, take-no-prisoners show he produced with Bill and infamous debunker Robert Sheaffer. We will examine the thought processes that go into the whole debunking ritual. πŸš€

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Mary Rodwell πŸš€ 238

February 23, 2015

A drawing of a butterfly in the grip of an alien claw.

Tonight we will be talking to Mary Rodwell, founder and principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN). Mary is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and researcher as well as the author of Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life.

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Tim Swartz πŸš€ 237

February 16, 2015

Tesla in his workspace in Colorado.

I’ve been working on Tesla Illuminated, the first book to come out of the newly revived Filament Books ebook company and bookclub. We’ve asked Tim Swartz, author of The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla and Men of Mystery with Tim Beckley, to give us more background on Nikola Tesla than the history books provide.

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Anders Nilsson πŸš€ 236

February 9, 2015

Photo of Anders Nilsson.

Do not fret! Even though we are interviewing the author of The Gentle Way of the Heart, I believe we can make the subject interesting to those nuts-and-bolts folks who want to keep real science in the picture. Have no fear and soften your hard, hard heart for tonight’s show. You will feel better for it.

Scientist Anders Nilsson, PhD has been active in academia all his adult life. And, for just as many years, Nilsson has pursued an avid interest in spirituality. He has not followed any one spiritual school or tradition, nor has he studied with a guru, but instead listened to his internal voice and intuition to guide him. He has studied both ancient mystical traditions and the teachings from more contemporary spiritual masters. This blend of spiritual knowledge, when folded together with his scientific background, has formed a unique path to spiritual awakening that combines the mind and heart.

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