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Terry Ray πŸš€ 221

October 27, 2014

A photo of Terry Ray.

By now, you might have heard of the phenomenom of orange orbs in the sky – and not the Chinese lantern-type of orb. Not at all. Our guests tonight have all had sightings, and they know what they saw. Terry Ray is author of Orange Orbs, a brand-new book on the subject. He will be joined by Chris Bones, Chris Brown, and Randy J. Cole.

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Paul Levy πŸš€ 220

October 20, 2014

Paul Levy and Sting.

Tonight we will be speaking to author and artist Paul Levy, whose amazing book, Dispelling Wetiko, is a must-read. The subtitle is instructive: Breaking the Curse of Evil.

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Regan Lee πŸš€ 219

October 13, 2014

Tonight we are going to delve a bit into the more spacey or weird or supernatural or the-what? of paranormal events with our good pal Regan Lee.

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Frank Feschino πŸš€ 218

October 6, 2014

It’s my pleasure to announce that we will be speaking to Frank Feschino tonight. A true return to one of the critical UFO tales on record – and it’s all true. Tune in and become informed! πŸš€

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Stanton Friedman and Joel Martin πŸš€ 217

September 29, 2014

Tonight we will be talking to Stanton Friedman and Joel Martin. Bill has recently been working on an interesting and strange case, and the experts will weigh in. πŸš€

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Lasha Seniuk πŸš€ 216

September 22, 2014

Join us tonight as we wpeak to Lasha Seniuk, a very gifted astrologer who has elequently described her journeys between worlds in her book Field Notes: One Mystic’s Journey. Her website is Mystic Stars, the oldest continually published astrology website, ever.

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Alejandro Rojas πŸš€ 215

September 15, 2014

We are so excited to finally meet and talk to Alejandro Rojas of Open Minds. The reason it’s taken this long is because behind the scenes, Bill and I both felt his company was direct assault on our UFO Magazine-type territory, whether imagined or not. But now that that phase of our life is over, we can get to know Alejandro and join the twenty-first century.

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Peter Merlin πŸš€ 214

September 8, 2014

Peter W. Merlin is an aerospace historian who has been researching the history of Area 51 since 1984 and has written numerous articles on the subject. He has also appeared on such television programs as Modern Marvels, Mystery Hunters, Man-Moment-Machine, Inside Area 51, UFO Down To Earth, Return to Area 51, Atomic Journeys, UFO Hunters, MysteryQuest, and others.

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Nick Redfern πŸš€ 214

September 1, 2014

Tune in this Monday night for our guest Nick Redfern for our all-live two-hour extravaganza, beginning at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time, and continuing on for a rollicking two fun-filled hours!

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Joel Martin πŸš€ 212

August 25, 2014

Another important visit with Joel Martin, and this time we talked about Andrija Puharich, a controversial figure who appears in and out of the world of the occult and the weird. πŸš€

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